Going through a dry patch? Try Palmer’s cocoa butter formula with Vitamin E.

palmer's cocoa butter with vitamin e skincare

We’re in spring and my skin is going through some major dry patch. On one side and where the sun hits me. When your foundation starts to show up a little patchy on your skin, you know something isn’t right. Ever since I started using under-eye concealer, I quickly realised that I needed moisture to stop it looking cakey / dry throughout the day. In comes Palmer’s cocoa butter formula with Vitamin E. If you ask me what my makeup routine is like, I will tell you that my makeup and Palmer’s cocoa butter cannot be separated.

Over the past week I’ve had to drive in the sun for some very long hours and I’m pretty sure my face is going through a phase and as the sun comes out more, my skin will begin to ‘harden’ to it. Nevertheless, I had to beat the problem before my skin showed any more dryness. I started applying extra face moisturising cream on the area as well as my usual SPF 50, but I have done this day and night and I’ve also tried E45. Having used Palmer’s cocoa butter (in the solid form) as an occasional overnight mask in previous years, I’d forgotten what benefits I achieved with it! After one night of using it as a face mask, the next morning I carried out my skincare routine as normal, but this time by the end of the day the dry patch was no longer there! I can’t tell you how happy I was after seeing the results almost immediately, a skincare product priced under £4 for dry skin that actually works and worked better than E45?!

I haven’t yet used it as an all over body moisturiser, I’ve always used it for particular drier areas. The great thing about the solid formula is that it melts into the skin and you can really feel moisturised for hours after. However, it’s not suitable for everyone as this formula isn’t fragrance-free which can cause irritation and it isn’t the most hygienic form either unless you’re careful when dipping fingers in and out.


Simi X

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