Achieve tousled hair quickly using Sea Salt spray

label.m sea salt hair spray

Whether you keep your hair up most of the time – like me, or whether you want to skip the heat-styling method and wear your hair down pretty – the affect of Sea Salt spray is beautiful both ways and I’ll tell you why. The product I use is by Label.M – part of a professional hair care range. I love the way the bottle looks and its simplicity in design. I picked it up from TK Maxx because I love a good discount – 500ml for only £4.99, reduced from £12.99! Beach-ready tousled hair with the protection from UV rays and heat styling.

I rarely use any heat on my hair unless it’s a special occasion, those of you who know me will know this! For best results, it’s recommended that the spray is applied on damp hair where you get that edgier and matte finish, whilst if you wanted something more subtle, dry hair is the way to go. So before i went to bed, I spritzed the product on and scrunched my hair together with my hands and then applied a little frizz-taming serum on the ends of my hair. I have very thick hair so I knew that when I woke up, my hair wouldn’t look picture-perfect.

label.m sea salt hair spray

Used on washed hair

I did find that upon waking, my hair was quite frizzy from the roots (which happens the day after I wash my hair anyway.) To combat this, I would suggest using either a straightener to twist and turn your hair into shape where needed or a curling wand, but not too much as you’d lose the results you’re really after.

Sea salt spray label.m results

Morning results

Due to the frizz, I applied a little more hair serum and secured my hair up into a high bun. The texture was perfect for this style and it was a wise decision as when it hit about 6pm in the evening, I let down my hair and the appearance was a lot more smoother near the roots with the tousled curls unravelling to be tighter. The scent of the spray is beautiful too, it locked in well because as soon as I opened up my hair, the waft hit me straight away and lingered in the air for a while.

Sea salt hair spray results


What do you think of Sea Salt hair spray? Have you used it differently? I think I’d combine it with a blow-dry next time!


Simi X

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  • Reply justjessiexo March 1, 2015 at 1:20 am

    This product looks great! I love the results that you got from it, especially after having it up in the bun… do you think the results would turn out as good if you put it up in a bun for a little while shortly after spraying it and then just letting it down rather than waiting overnight?

    • Reply SIMI March 1, 2015 at 3:39 am

      Ah thank you! And yes definitely, you would get the same result, I’d say leave it up for at least half hour – 45min and then let your hair down 😊 x

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