The look for evening dinner – what I wore

We’ve all been on that first dinner date, we’re faffing over what we’re going to wear, how our hair is done, what lipstick to put on. Several ideas run through our minds and we end up bursting into a ball of stress. Not good! But you have to admit, when you’re in that moment, it’s all about that rush of excitement!

When I went out for dinner, I opted for a summery/autumn look to be safe, topped off with a pair of heels. My hair was straightened and let down (I only occasionally wear my hair down, so to me this always feels quite new and fresh) and I didn’t go too heavy on the makeup either, going only as far as eyeliner and pink lips as my main attraction.


True religion jeans, dinner date outfit  and zara heels

I’m wearing my favourite skin tight jeans by True Religion, the top I’m wearing is a little loose, yet still slightly fitted in the right places. My strappy heels are from Zara, and see the jacket hanging on my wardrobe handle? That’s my H&M blazer!

…The best of this top is yet to come, and you’ll see why when I turn around…

dinner date outfit and makeupsty

Zara navy blue side bag

I love what you can find in boutiques and that’s exactly where I found my love for this top. The back is slashed from top to bottom and if you look close enough, the back of my jeans shows off a gold plated True Religion logo, close to where the belt would normally loop through, and I just love how you can see a sneak peek of it through my top! As much as this look is quite smart, it’s also a little daring as soon as you take off the blazer.

I purposefully matched the black in my blazer and shoes together, the gold details were my theme. My navy blue side bag I purchased from Zara, a good suit as it went along with my jeans well. Fortunately, the blue nail polish was just a coincidence!


For my makeup, I went for some bold eyeliner and Lovelorn MAC lips. I find that heavy eye makeup is a definite no no for a dinner date (depending on where you go) but as long as your hair is immaculate, nails are perfected and your outfit is co-ordinated, seriously, you can’t go wrong. Personally, I like to feel comfortable knowing that makeup isn’t on too heavy as I like to save that for my nights out – my exception hehe.

Us girls know it’s important to look and feel good, so I applied some fragrant body cream, it really just adds to your confidence and feeling at your best. I used one of my favourites – Usher which came along with the Usher perfume. After all, it’s the little things that count…

What are your feel-good favourites? Would love to know!!


Simi X

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