The Body Shop Facial Brush

Clean and Clear Facial Wash and Facial Brush

Whenever I walk past The Body Shop, I always feel as if I need to buy something nutritional for my skin! This time I wanted to pick up a gadget for my morning/night time face wash routine.

Placed at the bottom of their shelves, you’ll find cute little baskets filled with a variety of facial tools. I was spoilt for choice as I ended up choosing a Muslin Cloth, Facial Buffer and Facial Brush. So as I was trying to work out what would be of most benefit to me, I had to reach out to the assistant for clarification. In the end I found that the best all-round accessory was the Facial Brush which can be used with pretty much every facial wash.

The Body Shop Facial Brush

To be honest, the bristles do look harsh for the skin, but my reason to purchase is simple – it wouldn’t be in the shop for no reason would it?! And so I put it to the test..


I first washed my face as normal with my Clean and Clear Daily Wash and then I wet the brush and squeezed the product directly on and gave my face a clean in circular motions. I wouldn’t use the brush around or near the eyes, that’s a definite no-no, so it’s best to wipe the panda eyes properly beforehand. Alternatively, I found that cleansing my face first and then applying my facial wash on to the brush was just as effective, probably slightly better as the makeup just dissolves away.

I found that my forehead, nose, lips, chin and neck were the best areas to scrub down. My skin is a little sensitive and I thought I’d end up with a few red areas but luckily that wasn’t the case! However, you are able to control the amount of pressure you put on the brush.

I can see that not all of the dirt/makeup was removed when I washed my face the first time. Overall, my face felt thoroughly cleaned and refreshed the second time when using the brush proving it to be much more beneficial than a usual cleansing and toning routine. Great purchase 👌!


Simi X

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