Soap & Glory’s Face Massage Mini Mitt

Recently I stumbled across Soap & Glory’s Face Massage Mini Mitt in my favourite place – Boots. I picked this up as it was a mere £4 and compared to the usual facial brushes, this was as a little bit different. I’m actually really glad I made this purchase as I only just had surgery on my left elbow, so with my left arm being out of bounds for a while, this rubbered-textured mitt was a great pick-me-up to cleanse my entire face with one hand.

The mitt is split into two different textures, on one side there is more of a flat nobbly feel and on the other, a super soft bristle, at the back it has a small suction cup that you hold on to whilst using, as well as to stick on to the bathroom wall when you’re done. Because of its material, you can say bye-bye to face cloths and other fabric brushes, any face product you wipe away from your face will easily slide off the brush with water in a few seconds making it re-usable for the long-term, hurray!

With any cleanser / face wash, it’s easy enough to dollop on more than you need, but what I like about this mitt is that you can control what you put on to it and you’ll eventually realise that a little goes a long way. It’s great for exfoliators, particularly on sensitive skin like mine when gently scrubbing in circular motions. It’s also perfect travel size, just pop into your wash bag and off you go. The only downside I would mention is that a lot of people say how it makes the skin glow and the packaging suggests that it’s ‘energy boosting’ but to be honest, I wouldn’t say it worked in that way as it just glides over the skin and it really just removes what I have on my face and eyes nicely, gently and much more better than using hands. I would say if you’re looking for something to work better than your hands but not as bristly as a brush, this would be your best bet.

soap and glory face massage mini mitt review

P.S. you can use this mitt to apply face cream, remove face masks… it also makes a super makeup brush cleaner!


Simi x

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