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rimmel wake me up concealer eyes dark circles

My obsession with concealer is never-ending. This concealing journey has never been easy, I’ve come to realise that I’ll never be satsified with using just one concealer, but layering with two or three at a time achieves my perfect look! If you’d like to see how I layer them, let me know and I’ll post a step-by-step of my daily fix.

I’ve decided to review Rimmel’s Wake Me Up concealer as my eyes usually need it. In summary, Rimmel claims this to be a full coverage concealer that provides an instant anti-fatigue effect, this solution including peptides and vitamins all to help re-awaken the eyes.

rimmel wake me up concealer eyes dark circles rimmel wake me up concealer eyes dark circles
The shades are limited, with only four to choose from. I chose ‘soft beige’. It seems to be a good match with under the eyes, going on a little yellow which works well for me in a colour correcting kind of way and it doesn’t dry out or make the skin oily either. I also find that this is great for dual purpose, so if you’re in real need of a highlighter, consider this of its light. One major drawback I would mention is how light and creamy this concealer is rather than thick, so I wouldn’t pass it is as full coverage.

rimmel wake me up concealer eyes dark circles

FullSizeRender (2)

As you can see, it blends very well and lightens my circles, however, it doesn’t give me the complete coverage I’m after in comparison to how I usually like to conceal.

If you’re looking for a high street concealer that’s light – medium coverage, I would describe this as being your best bet. Those looking for extra coverage especially for dark circles, I would definitely recommend you look elsewhere.


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