Why you should invest in a organic face wash

sukin oil balancing organic face cleanser

I’ve never thought about going into Holland & Barrett to look for my skincare products until now. Maybe that’s because I get way too caught up shopping in Boots, leaving with lots of glamorous and exciting looking products instead of the quiet and true skin-friendlies I should really be paying attention to! Easily done. Browsing in H&B’s skincare aisle, I knew what I was looking for, an organic, gentle cleanser that wasn’t too thick on the skin, removes makeup and packed with nutritional treats for the skin. After some time browsing, I came across the Sukin Oil Balancing and Charcoal Purifying Gel Cleanser, Sukin Organics originates from Australia and are well known for their natural ingredients, completely free from chemicals. I think it’s very difficult to find a facial wash suited to you, but when you enter H&B, I think it’s safe to say you’re at peace of mind.

The Sukin Oil Balancing and Charcoal Purifying Gel Cleanser receives rave reviews everywhere and I can’t fault it either, it comes in a 125ml bottle at great value for money and I have nearly finished the bottle after 2 months+ of use. On most days I use this twice a day but definitely always once a day. It’s black and grey in colour and it generally takes half to one pump from the bottle to work on the skin, it isn’t foamy on the face, just a light-textured gel with a subtle infusion of scents from the ingredients making your skin smell fruity.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ingredients:

Bamboo charcoal – natural treatment for acne and purifies the skin
Bilberry – derived from a fruit, contains antioxidants to keep skin healthy
White tea – anti-ageing and protects skin from damage
Aloe Vera – plant based, soothes and hydrates skin, promotes skin renewal
Chamomile – good skin healing abilities
Cucumber – improves complexion and helps with oiliness
Moringa & coconut extracts – moringa leaves cleanses and revitalises the skin, whilst coconut fights dryness and cleans skin
Pomegranate – encourages radiant skin, contains Vitamin E & Zinc
Rooibos – derived from a plant, great for sensitive skin, contains Vitamin D & Zinc
Willowherb – derived from a plant, reduces redness & irritation


After over 2 months of use, when I look at my skin towards the end of my day, the oils around my t-zone have drastically reduced in comparison to using other cleansers. As nothing else has changed in my skincare regime, I can say that the Sukin Oil Balancing and Charcoal Purifying Gel Cleanser has definitely worked its magic. It hasn’t dried out my face with that tight feeling you can get after using some cleansers. My favourite part is that even after those face-full-of-makeup nights, I have finally stopped dreading of the thought coming in late at night and removing it. It dissolves away makeup so fast even for someone who loves to layer on mascara like me, it’s not a chore anymore, so goodbye scrubbing! It just goes to show that some of the underrated and more hidden gems in the market don’t need to be heavily promoted for anybody to realise the benefits. Just read carefully ;-).



Simi X

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