Revolution’s Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray

revolution pro fix oil control fixing spray

That time of year has come where a face fixing spray is needed for all of us, especially with those who have oily skin. It’s a miracle product to prevent makeup from slipping, let alone making our faces grease-proof. High-end brands such as MAC Cosmetics all have one and they are super, but what if we don’t have access to those brands nearby? Or what if we’re on a tight budget?

Welcome REVOLUTION’S new Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray! I remember desperately reaching out for this product when I walked into Superdrug (it was actually the only fixing spray in store so also, I didn’t have a choice!) REVOLUTION claims that it can last 12 hours and for only £5, I thought this could go one of two ways, either it’s cheap and it will show, or my luck was about to roll in.


After a few weeks of using this product, it is pretty nifty! The scent is refreshing and as it’s spritzed onto the face, it finishes with a dewy glow and then quickly dissolves leaving you with a perfected matte face. When I’m getting ready for a special night out, I usually spritz on a few layers which helps that little bit more.

The only downside I could mention about this spray is that you will see its max potential with a bit more than a few squirts. However, I can’t really complain with the price being what it is. Overall, I have to say that my oily skin has dramatically reduced and I’ve noticed this particularly at the end of my working day, even more so after a night out. Definitely one to go in my makeup staple basket 🙂 .


Simi X

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