New Label M Detangling Paddle Brush

label m detangling paddle brush curved and vented

I was in a bit of a daydream the other day thinking about how I felt each time I walked out of my hairdressers – like a million dollars (don’t tell me you haven’t had those thoughts before!) If someone was to ask me what my most feel good me-time would be, I’m pretty sure it would be just that.

label m detangling paddle brush curved and vented

My most recent appointment had me picking up the new Label M Detangling Paddle brush after it had been used on me, but this obviously wasn’t just any de-tangler. It has a move-able curved, vented head that is most beneficial when blow-drying hair, particularly as it has a ceramic coating and avoids trapped water. It claims to massage the scalp which I can see why as if you look closely it has the same the same bristle as a hand-held scalp massager. I haven’t attempted to blow dry my hair straight, if I can even remember when the last time was, as I can’t achieve those amazing salon techniques at home myself, but now I can get those results without using a straightener and in half the time thanks to its wide base.

Currently it’s out of stock on the website, but see your hairdresser and ask if they have one. Maybe see if they could use the brush on your hair at your appointment!


Simi x

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