L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara

loreal volume million lashes mascara

Mascaras… Something I can’t seem to live without, but I can too? We see them advertised all the time, I become fascinated as to how often we see the next best mascara on TV adverts. They have us thinking that the next one will be the best one, but for me, it’s one product I’ll forever experiment with.

When I go looking for a mascara (usually in a rush) I tend to pick one that stands out from the crowd. When I saw the red and gold packaging for L’Oreal’s mascara it caught my eye as it looked so glamorous, at a quick glance the slim wand with the number of bristles didn’t look any different to me, but I knew the basics of what I wanted.

loreal volume million lashes


The pros:

The application is very lightweight, so lightweight that it doesn’t feel as if the brush even touches my lashes. If you want to stay well away from clumping, this product is truly one of a kind with its built in anti-clump wiper. The applicator catches and separates every lash to provide a perfectly clean finish.

The cons:

There are a lot of mixed reviews on this mascara, but unfortunately I can’t say that I am a big fan. Eventhough this product provides me with some length, if you’re looking for something a bit extra, then this is probably not for you. Several coats (and minutes) later, I felt like it still wasn’t good enough for me. When I compare the L’Oreal Millions against other highly street named mascaras, it has an annoying habit of flaking and smudging very quickly throughout the day.

  • Take home note: the best looking one’s  aren’t always the best working one’s.



Simi X

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