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One of the best times I like to blog, is when I’m sitting comfortably on my bedroom floor, laptop on my laps with a hot cup of cocoa on the go! Sets me in the perfect mood to share my posts and I’m sure you can guess, this is exactly what I’m doing right now  :).

I’m just super excited to share this post with you! I had an eventful weekend glamming myself up last Friday, then spending money unnecessarily on Saturday – oops. Well they don’t call it retail therapy for no reason!

I’ve started to realise though, whenever I plan to do my hair and makeup for an event, I’m ALWAYS in a rush. It’s crazy, but I spend a good few hours to get ready. If I can’t take my time, then I know I’m setting myself up for disaster, I’m hoping all you ladies can relate! So here’s my soft grey and pink eyes I created below (and in a rush). The one thing I’m loving at the moment is adding a splash of colour to really make the difference, that’s when I decided to throw in some hot pink on top of the grey and then on my lips too!

Barry M & Sleek eye palette with MAC 'Girl about town' lips

Grey and pink smokey eye

For this my eyes, I used the Barry M Smokin’ Hot blush and eye shadow palette and the Sleek Ulrta Matts V1 palette and I used the MAC ‘Girl about town’ on my lips. When you compare the picture without lipstick (on the right) to the larger and final image on the left,  you can see how a bold lip makes a huge difference?! If you really want to stand out, I definitely think that a prominent lip colour is a must, although this isn’t the case every time…

Weekend purchases

So in the image below, are my FCUK and Nike purchases. I’ve really had my eye on spring pastel colours recently – how can you not in spring?! But when it comes to spur of the moment buys, boy am I a sucker for anything that screams out ‘pick me!!’ 🙁 .

I really like the pleat detail on the back of the coat and the gold zip which runs down the back of the dress. Both look smart and classy, which requires hair and makeup to reflect! I cannot wait to show you what that will look like!!! I have a few ideas already!

FCUK coat, dress and Nike bottoms

FCUK coat, dress and Nike bottoms

Pleat on coat and gold zip on dress

Pleat in coat and gold zip on dress

FCUK burgandy dress

Remember girls, if you look good, you’ll feel good! New gym gear always gives me that extra boost to work harder and there’s nothing wrong in that!

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