Face oil – why you should use one

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Many people think that face oils will leave their skin feeling greasy and then break out into spots. With the right type of oil it should do anything but that. Face oils are a great way to delay anti-aging by really penetrating the skin with some extra nourishment. As celebrity facialist says herself:

‘Believe it or not, the right oil can rebalance the skin’s natural oil content for a noticeably more radiant complexion. Over time, oils can help clear pores of excess sebum and can reduce inflammation and irritation.’

Having used Superdrug’s own brand vitamin E facial oil, I have no complaints. Picking this up at a price of £2.99 in a 30ml bottle, I had my doubts as if it would be something I’d throw away after a few uses, but the moment I noticed its lightweight formula, results of radiance and super soft-to-touch skin, I’ve continued to use it. I’m so happy with the results that I’m confident enough to show off my bare face when I don’t feel like wearing any makeup, with just this oil on. I mainly use it as an overnight treatment by massaging a few drops onto my face, but another alternative is rubbing a little onto the lips, I feel it conditions them beautifully without them feeling sticky and with a thick coating i.e. Vaseline and I’m sure it can be just as useful for other areas of the skin too.

After trying some on my other half, he fell fall in love with it instantly! He too was sceptical about breaking out but now our night time beauty regime includes a little dab of this oil for the both of our faces. Personally, this face oil is a great replacement for any night time creams, however I’m looking forward to seeing what other improvement this brings by the time I finish the bottle.

I think it would interesting to compare this to a more premium brand – keep an eye out as I’ll returning back to this one. Learn to love your bedtime skin regime…


Simi X

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