Deep red, barbie pink and gold… Top 3 nail shades of this month

I’m not really keen on buying ‘designer’ / high end nail products as I tend to pick up colours that most appeal to me at the time. However, I wanted to show you three of my top shades this month all of which I’m strongly infatuated with!

MAC – A61 Cream – Rougemarie

MAC nail lacquer rougemarie red nails

First up is the classic red. I’ve actually fallen in love with this shade, now I’ve got so many reds in my nail polish collection, but there’s just something different and more smarter looking about this one which keeps me coming back to it.

RIMMEL – 323 Don’t be Shy

Rimmel 323 Don't be shy nails

I actually bought this shade a while ago but only just started wearing it. Coming from Rita Ora’s collection, I love how long it lasts me, as the polish only starts to wear away after about five days. Barbie pink will never go out of style, it’s definitely a cute colour I can flaunt everyday!

YSL – 29 Dore Orfevre

YSL 29 Dore Orfevre gold nails

I thought I’d save this little number last! I stumbled across this shade as it stood out like a sore thumb, it’s simply rich and beautiful and it reminds me of something an Egyptian princess would wear! I would definitely save this one for special occasions, both the shade and packaging look a million dollars and I’d need a glamorous outfit to match. Also, brownie points to the sophisticated bottle which came as a surprise after I made the purchase 🙂 .

I find that with nail colours, there aren’t any in particular I come back to consistently, maybe because I like the change. However, all three shades have definitely found a place in my heart and top three!


Simi X


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    Three different polishes giving three completely different gorgeous looks!

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