Bourjois chocolatey bronzing powder

Bourjois bronzing powder swatch

So I’m super excited to tell you guys that yesterday I was sent my first beauty product to review from! As some of you may know, up until today, all products I have posted have been purchased down to my own curiosities and decisions, so this review doesn’t change anything as I will still be judging from my own perspective and opinions 🙂 .

Bourjois bronzing powder beauty blogger.


As soon as I opened my envelope, I was delighted to find the Bourjois Bronzing Powder (number 51) inside. I obsess over bronzing/contouring products, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to find out whether it would match any of my expectations.

First off, thumbs up to its neat packaging and magnetic case, making it easy to open and close. But what stood out like a sore thumb, was of course the chocolate bar bronzer – how enticing! Bourjois sure know how to lure us girls in.. As soon as you peel back the protective plastic on top, you instantly get a waft of sweet chocolate! Yum…

Bourjois bronzing powder

Swatch & review

What’s noticeable, is when I swatched it, straight away I’ve a thick amount of product on my finger. The texture is creamy and soft to touch which makes this bronzer beautiful.

Blusher brush and Bourjois bronzing powder

Now, I haven’t got much makeup on my face as I wanted to show you what this looks like in basic form. (I haven’t even sorted out my eyebrows!) Literally, all the makeup I’m wearing is:

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen – used to counteract my dark circles
MAC Studio Finish concealer
Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment concealer wand – used for highlighting
Avon invisible coverage cream-to-powder foundation

There is no filter used in any of these pictures too – all taken under natural light 🙂

Even though this bronzer claims that it is filled with ‘glints of sunshine’, It’s not what you would expect compared to other sparkly bronzers because it’s very faint. So if you wanted to use this to contour – great, go ahead! For me personally, I wouldn’t use this to really chisel my cheeks, but I’d apply it so it sits just under the cheek bones to create a bit more depth (I haven’t applied it in that way in the pictures below, but now that I know, that’s exactly what I would do in the future). It appears to give off a subtle effect and I like my contour slightly more visible and thicker!

Blusher brush and Bourjois bronzing powder on cheeks

Blusher brush and Bourjois bronzing powder on cheeks

Bourjois bronzing powder on cheeks

To apply this product, I used gentle strokes up along my cheek bones whilst buffing it in circular motions for best results. Don’t forget, you can also brush this bronzer on the temples of your forehead and along your collarbone too.


Overall, I think this is a great product, cute packaging and very handy to just pop into your bag for touch-ups. I like the fact that you can easily achieve a natural sun-kissed look on areas of your skin you most want to emphasise. I don’t usually carry makeup with me on the go, honestly you’ll only find lipgloss! But this will definitely be one product I would consider adding in my handbag 🙂 .

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