Back to basics

Forever 21 playsuit, skirt and vests

I recently found a new love for fashion. Plain / loud colours is my new trend and clothes that fit almost perfectly around my curves have been my attraction this summer. If you wear the right clothes for you and choose your colours wisely, there is no way you can go wrong. Pairing a plain look always goes well with some accessories, some pretty basics are are all you need, it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Forever 21 vest tops

So whilst I was shopping away in Forever 21, I picked out a few things that I don’t have in my wardrobe First stop, I went straight over to the colourful table of folded vest tops. The essentials. Green and beige were my first choice of colours, both great statement pieces for work, matching perfectly with the variety of trousers I have.

Forever 21 skirt and vest

How glamorous is this cotton skirt?! Dress it up or down, either way it’s sophisticated and sexy. And I’ve paired it with the vest I bought too! Win!

forever 21 maroon and lace playsuit

Finally, I picked out this maroon playsuit with black lace detail on the waist and shoulders. I was attracted to the black lace as it really brought this outfit together. If it was completely plain, I would have thought twice before purchasing.

Whenever I wear something different, initially it’s a bit strange at first, but then I learn to embrace it – you’ll be surprised at what people say! Choosing colours or clothes that you don’t typically go for can be a real confident booster. Don’t be afraid to experiment, change is good! 🙂


Simi X

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