BaByliss sleep-in rollers Vs Amika tourmaline curler

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BaByliss sleep-in rollers

I think I’ve found the perfect sleep-in rollers! Foam, comfort and results…

As some of you may know, I bought the BaByliss sleep-in rollers which I showed you guys in the previous post and I’ve finally got round to using them.

After washing and towel drying my hair (see picture on the left) I rubbed in some hair oil and then lightly sprayed with John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls styling spray. It’s important to wrap every single strand of hair in your section around the roller tightly before you clip into place. For extra support, try blasting some hot air using your blow-dryer over the top of your rollers too!

The great thing about these rollers is that you don’t need to pin them down with your hair grips, clips or whatever you usually fiddle with as they each come with a plastic bar which locks your hair when rolled up. So leave all your hair accessories to one side because you don’t need them! Once you get into bed, you’re ensured a decent night’s sleep as the foam acts as a sort of cushion, you don’t need to worry about them poking you through the night.

As I unraveled the rollers one by one the results were amazing, better than I actually thought. (When you think of foam rollers, the word flimsy springs to mind) but hey this trick proved me wrong. If you fancy trying them out for yourself, head down to your local cosmetics store, I bought mine from Superdrug.

BaByliss foam rollers, loreal ombre

The night before I also dip-dyed my hair using Loreal’s latest ombre shade in number 104. I coloured my hair last year in November from the salon, I really couldn’t wait this time so a DIY at home had to do. This is really just red carpet hair, but it was 8am and soon it was time to head down to the office! I finished this by running my fingers through my hair to create a more softer and natural look. Oh don’t forget the hairspray, I’m not a massive fan of the stuff, but for strong looks like this, it’s a must.

Amika tourmaline curler

Now on to the beautiful Amika curler. I decided to purchase these as they were highly recommended by some of my friends who raved on about the long- lasting results. Coincidentally, I came across a really good deal and picked them up.

Amika tourmaline curler

After heating up within seconds I was ready to use them. It takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it but then it’s really easy, you simply wrap the section of hair around the barrel, hold for just a few seconds and you’re left with the perfect curl. I went for tighter ringlet curls this time around, and that is exactly what I got. No hair products were used beforehand and I found that this worked to my advantage as the curl held for longer!

Amika curler

I soon realised that if only my hair was a little more straighter, it would have been a lot easier to work with. However, it was worth the fight, as I haven’t achieved these results with any other electrical curler before, not even with my GhD’s.

Amika curler results

I had a go at curling my fringe and I managed to use the slimmest part of the curler to achieve a more softer and natural look (you can just about see this in the bottom left picture).

What curling methods do you prefer and have rollers worked for you?

Hope this was educational 🙂

Love, Simi




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